2 de marzo de 2018

Northern soul

Northern soul surgió durante mi estancia en el Norte y ante la necesidad de unir fotografías y textos,
recogiendo una serie de sentimientos y reflexiones de esa época de mi vida.
Espero que os guste.

(The runaway)

"I need solitude.
I need space.
I need aire.
I need the empty fields round me, 
and my legs pounding along roads, 
and sleep, 
and animal existence."
                               V. Woolf.

I looked for a place I could call home.
Somewhere beyond
sea and sky,
red and green.


Red and green sheltered me.
All this shadows only exist for the light.
To be again, first you shall die.

(The forest)

I long for a peace I’ve never known.
A blue veil covered all that was bygone.

(The calm)


No symphony in my chest,
How can this silence be so loud?



If nothing is real,
If I’m ethereal,
Is this just a dream?

(The dream)

The cold comes from within.
There’s a lump inside
stifling me.
I cannot breathe.
This is not me.

(The hurting)

But a road with no destiny still leads somewhere.

(The road)

My igniting soul
sways with this winter lullaby,
still not asleep.

(The North)

I could listen to the night in my chest,
where all the flowers bloomed dead.

(The Night)

(The Light)